Project Management

 Planning & Consultancy Services

  • Strategic health care planning & Option appraisals. 
  • Financial feasibility and demand surveys, Design briefs. 
  • Project management and construction supervision. 
  • Marketing Solutions and Business Plans Review. 
  • Technology acquisitions and up gradation services. 
  • Transformation and turn around Solutions. 
  • Marketing solutions & Marketing Services

Feasibility Studies

  • Environment & Competition Analysis 
  • Infrastructure Analysis 
  • Organizational analysis 
  • Equipment Audit 
  • Asset utilization 
  • Workload Analysis 

Hospital Commissioning

  • Man power planning, resourcing & remuneration benchmarking. 
  • Supervision of handover of buildings and equipment. 
  • Development of operational policies, procedures and systems. 
  • Automation solutions IT plan implementation

Commissioning services

  • For Hospitals 
  • Medical colleges 
  • Nursing colleges 
  • Paramedical Institutes 

Performance Improvement Solutions

  • Quality improvement and accreditation services. 
  • Customized Cost containment Solutions. 
  • Branding and Publicity. 
  • IT enabled management Systems, Hospital management applications and software. 
  • Referral networking and clinical resource optimization

Equipping Services

  • Equipment scheduling and specification. 
  • Tender documentation and evaluation. 
  • On-site co-ordination and installation supervision. 
  • Equipment leasing and maintenance. 


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