Our Approach

HCR believes in transformative approach
We have an unconventional style of working; through our “REFORM” approaches we create inter cross-functional teams which help us to bring diverse and deep experience to every engagement. HCR offers a variety of services that cover the entire gamut of Hospital Management. 
HCR has adroitness in reengineering, designing SOP’s, departmental manuals and guidelines, process flows.
HCR has always maintained quality system and protocol
HCR maintains efficiency in cost containment, managing people and vendor management.
HCR designs efficient process and believes in developing performances review mechanisms.
HCR believes in obtaining optimized results
HCR hospital operations management model
1)    Novel model in which HCR partners with client hospital in its growth. 
2)    HCR provides a fulltime onsite team of professionals to manage the hospital operations on day to day basis. They are guided, supervised & supported by the core expert team from HCR.
3)    The onsite team operates under the hospital leadership and on the payroll of the hospital. 
4)    The HCR Core team consisting of Hospital Management expert, HR expert, Financial, Marketing expert, Capacity building, Hospital IT & Quality system consultants provides relevant solutions to the client hospital through regular interaction, visits and monitors the entire project implementation against performance targets. 
5)    HCR & client hospital enter into a comprehensive formal agreement. 
6)    During the period of agreement the hospital may choose to get co-branded with HCR. 
7)    HCR has a structured fee which is linked to hospital performance and profitability. 


We believe in establishing a strategic framework and methodically implement improvements that yield immediate and future results. Our vision for the future among hospital leaders, physicians and key other stakeholders is to achieve paramount success.  
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