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Taking Health-care to next level


In today’s competitive and dynamic environment, healthcare organizations need to continuously transfigure their businesses so as to deliver better value for their patients. These organizations need to formulate strategies in accordance to various challenges faced by the health care organizations. While dealing with the strategy development and implementation and ever changing clinical demands, these organizations also have to uphold their performance amidst uncertain market behaviour.

In such circumstances we play a very significant role in the delivery of health care services. With advances in the field of medicine, we are able to offer a wide variety of health services.   We harness all technological developments in clinical care, in diagnostic services, in engineering support systems, in design of spaces and in administrative services - and integrate them into an effective Healthcare Delivery System.

We have a decade of study and analysis.


HCR team has cultivated a method of optimized results using the resources at hand. Organizations come to us to ensure a sure footing before taking up a project, or even to re-engineer an already established hospital.

HCR is a highly professionally managed healing consultancy organization, specialized in hospital management, advanced and nurtured by highly motivated professionals who are dedicated and extraordinarily qualified. The team is at the forefront of hospital management since last 10 years. With The combined strength of these professionals, HCR forms the core strength of the organization.


HCR is well endowed with technical expertise and experience to comprehensively assimilate healing projects in hospital’s pursuit. With the motive of patient recreation, hospital management is ready to serve the patients with all kinds of facilities. 


HCR conceptualises, manages and operationally manages all the key tasks of hospital management.


Functionality remains our watch word to ensure a healing environment for the seekers and ergonomic comfort for the providers with in the facility.

  • Management & Supervision of all operational activities in hospital -“We run it for you”.
  • Financial, accounting and billing systems.
  • Marketing and business development.
  • Diagnostic services management.
  • Referral Sales
  • Corporate Sales
  • Branding & Client Communications
  • Public Relations / Advertising
  • Marketing Team Training
  • Planning & Consultancy Services
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Hospital Commissioning
  • Commissioning services
  • Performance Improvement Solutions
  • Equipping Services
  • Recruitment Assistance
  • Staff Training and Support
  • Clinical program implementation for survey compliance
  • Accuracy and Medicare compliance
  • Restorative nursing program
  • ISO / NABH Accreditation Consultancy
  • As is analysis
  • Quality Management system implementation
  • Handholding through certification
  • Post certification support
  • Recruiting young healthcare professionals.
  • Training of healthcare personnel.
  • Providing HR Systems and Pay rolling services.
  • Induction training and orientation.

Why Choose Us

Experience : We have rich experience in Healthcare Delivery and Management.
Best Talent : We attract Full-time and Visiting Consultants from the region with a strategic compensation plan encouraging Institutional Loyalty and Shared Practice.
Retention of Crucial Team Members : We ensure Team Spirit through appropriate H.R policies, compensation /incentives and motivational methods for team contribution.
Service Delivery : We provide full time presence of Senior Doctors and Pro-Active service concepts at every touch point within the hospital with an objective to make every patient, a “Brand Ambassador”.
Transparency : We ensure complete transparency and robust organizational processes through the use of IT system and Cost Management Process.
Professional Culture : We train and support staff for providing Personalized Care and Pleasant Patient Experience.
Accreditation : We standardize the clinical /administrative processes of the hospital thereby qualifying for NABH.
Effective Finance Management : We maximize utilization of all Assets, reduction of Procurement & Operational Cost and improvement of Revenues and Profits.
Technology : We implement State of the Art Technology and Hospital Information System that ensure 100% Transparency and Customer Centric Efficiency.
Marketing and Branding : We increase the Hospital Service Coverage area through extensive marketing and branding strategies.
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